Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing which is done through internet or online is considered to be internet marketing. This type of marketing is done to use various online methods like PPC, SEO, Banner advertisement and Social media marketing. When you use internet marketing methods it is made sure that it reaches to largest and qualified group everyday. There are various benefits of using Internet marketing:

You can choose your budget and keep a close watch on expenses.

You can plan your budget and set the target. For example if you want to pay only for displaying your advertisement it can be managed, if you want to pay for clicking your advertisement internet provides you that option also even if you want to pay on conversion of customer by filling a form or doing a checkout through payment gateway it is all possible with planned internet marketing.

It makes easy accessible for costumers and instantly accessible. Easy guidance and attractive online offers can be instantly delivered to customers and hence increase the traffic to your website and increase the chance of conversion.

  • You can interact with your costumers to get their instant feedback and hence get a fare chance of improvement.

  • You can reduce cost by constant observation of traffic you can control your expenses and increase efficiency.

  • Target your customers globally by targeting different geo locations at the same cost which is needed to do it locally.

One can do it by opting various methods:

1 - SEO

Banner for SEO(Which say Cheap SEO may not be right SEO, We will give you a complete SEO solution and assurance of improving your website’s ranking in positive way so that results are longer) Search engine optimization is used to improve the visibility of website on any search engine. It is a process through which one can naturally increase his website’s ranking on google by following few norms set by google. Basically google has created rules so that it can always deliver best results to users and hence if you follow all the rules set by google your website will also be displayed on top pages of SERP(search engine result page). SEO needs useful relevant content, keywords which are targeted for optimization keeping search engine algorithm in mind. Search engine optimization is basically done by two methods: On- Page optimization and off-page optimization, On-page optimization basically refers to changes which are done in website by adding meta tags, improving HTML code adding image tags heading tags and so many other things whereas off-page optimization mainly relates to bookmarking and back linking.

a - Why is SEO needed

SEO cannot do miracles but surely can make your brand more visible and generate more traffic to your website. Search engine company can improve your visibility and produce more traffic but cannot assure high returns for your business. SEO is needed for those who are seeking for:

  • People who are looking for traffic diversion
  • People who are looking for recognition and brand building
  • b- Who should target for SEO

We would not advice everyone to go for SEO. It is not a simple affair and not recommended for everyone. It is also advised for them who have short term budget should spend on advertising rather than opting SEO for two to three months apart from this there are many things by evaluating which you can easily decide that you should go for either Search engine optimization or other methods of marketing. Following are the list for the same: If you are new to digital store or have recently launched a website and do not want to invest too much you should never go for SEO, paid advertisements are better options rather in this case.

If you have a new website and you have a budget for at least six month for search engine optimization and also you are not looking for some magical results, you can go for SEO.

If you want to beat any of your specific competitor and want your website to be promoted exactly same way as your competitor’s, we would advice you to change the approach and set a benchmark which is independent of any specific website or competitor, as this would give you more satisfactory results and may give you even better results than thought.

Bulk back-linking is not important, quality back linking is important hence comparing two agencies by number of back-links will not give same results because ranking is always increased because of quality back-links, hence before going for SEO talk and discuss with agency you should also have a list of questions ready and be very careful before taking decision and keep your trust high in your agency.

If you want to get the SEO done for anything which is not related to your business we would advise not to even think about it. For example: doing SEO for keyword “iphone” may generate quick results but if don’t sell it or not provide any relevant information about it your website may be completely blacklisted by Google.Website ranking is not improved based on its beautiful design but because of its content so if your website does not has much content forget about good SEO ranking. For a good result in terms of SERP we need to have a website full of content and not only simple content it should have a relevant content which is written smartly in a way that it talks about your business and targets keywords.

c - Types Of SEO

When we talk about type of SEO we mainly discuss about the methods through which one can do SEO. One is known as white hat SEO and the other one is called as Black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO cat give you fast results where as white hat SEO gives delayed but sustainable results. Agencies who want stable and long term result for SEO always go for white hat SEO. Main difference between the two is as described below:

White Hat SEO:

In White Hat SEO all those methods and techniques are used which are approved by Google to improve search engine ranking White hat SEO utilizes techniques and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website which don't run afoul of search engine (mainly Google) guidelines.

Black Hat SEO:

d - What do we do in SEO

There are various things which are done while doing SEO based on clients requirement. Search engine optimization is something which serves different purpose for different people and based on usage and requirement hence we offer different services:

a- Competitor analysis

b- Site auditing for SEO

c- Content writing

d- Code optimization

e- Link Building

f- On page SEO

Competitor analysis:

We must understand how much competition is there in the field and how many of your competitors are holding good position in search engine pages. After getting the clear idea of what competitors are doing and how are they present digitally we make strategy and start hitting the areas where we need most of attention.

We then analyze your target audience their occurrence and focus areas and start the process as given below.

Site Auditing for SEO:

The site auditing means evaluation of each pages every content code evaluation, Meta tagging, title of page, key word targeting and placement. This process is time taking where we go to each page of website evaluate it on each parameter and generate a report. It may be less time consuming if the website is smaller but for huge website the process is tedious and very time consuming as we go to each page evaluate it and generate the report on certain criteria not down missing items and then make a strategy to move forward, for example if a website is well built well coded but missing on content part we will write the content by targeting the keyword and start the SEO but if a site is not neatly coded we need to improvise the code first then only we can move forward, so there are different scales for different websites to measure and start with.

Content writing:

We write content which is more target oriented and focused so that it solves customer purpose and they get exactly what they are looking for that’s it, once you have given the right thing you are there. The visitor of your website will certainly stay on you page and get involved in some activities which may be like if a customer has come in search of e-commerce site and is looking to buy a dress and lands on relevant page, will surely evaluate the options available or if a customer is looking for some information related to property and your website serves the purpose you nailed it. So we do it for you because smart SEO means we both grow together. We work for your business and in return our business grows.

Code Optimization:

One key point is to have clear clean and structured code so that google does not have difficulty to read the website. It is a service which is given only when you chose us as a premium SEO partner because it involves almost entire code of website to be rewritten and hence we do it for exclusive customers only. By doing this we reconstruct the website by removing useless code, dirty code improving the code quality and write structured code so that it passes W3C consortium and other coding mandates which are set by search engines for SEO services. It usually involves our most efficient developers who have vast coding experience and are expert to write the code in a way that it fulfills all the SEO requirements.

Link building:

Link building is an ongoing activity in which we keep on posting articles with quality content on various article websites and give the back link to our website so that users who are reading the article and liking it can be redirected to our website. Different people have different opinion for link building and some of them find it not useful at all.

Quality link building can do magic and wonders in terms of ranking and placement. We believe in writing a well-researched and structured content so that links created with such content are trustworthy and attracts more quality to the website rather quantity.

On Page SEO:

The problems which are there in the website which is discovered during competitor’s analysis and website auditing are resolved here in this section. We do take care of all the components which are desired by search engine and a website should have to get proper ranking there.Meta tagging, image tagging title tagging and other important keys to success are catered here. We focus on home page as it gives entry to entire website but if it is demand of website customer and product we focus relevant pages. The idea is to make website complete in terms of on page SEO where ever it is required.

In total we are here to give you ranking make you popular manage your brand and deliver a complete and robust popular website.