Case Studies

Case Studies

Case studies by different companies in India and US give our clients an idea of how our programs and Apps help one managing different businesses.

  • Case Study-1: United Nation: The #1 team created to protect and promote human rights for all, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is in the forefront of leading global human rights violations around the globe. To offer them help, we have a forum to highlight and develop responses to face human rights challenges and is the principal focal point of human rights research, public information, and education and advocacy activities in the UN system. We are automating the garage functionality completely, implementing barcode and automating different processes during repair of a vehicle at the Danish Refugee Camp. TechSync provides people a prototype with basic functionality. From the moment a vehicle arrives at the workshop and a service request is created, we create the Job Cad to repair the vehicles, take notes of the spare parts mentioned and taken out by the store keeperand issue it to the mechanic, automatically out of the inventory.
  • Case Study-2: Berkeley’s System Inc.-USA:This products based company offers their wares for financial organizations like banks. Their products help bank employees to create tasks and meet deadlines defined. TechSync is working on the project on T & M basis with them. Currently 5 of our JAVA resources are preserving, augmenting and reinforcing the application from alongshore. The entire project is out-sourced to us replete with the front end, which is PHP.
  • Case Study-3: Arcturus Tech –USA: this company analyses software applications and one of their products-Applicare, is an enterprise application software developed by Arcturus Tech- They are working on Applicare to support, enhance and maintain the application
  • Case Study-4: Berkeley’s System INC-USA: With Devonshire UK, which is a design group making house signs in different shapes with different materials offering the user online interaction to customize it as per the requirement. This concept was revamped byTechSync initially using Flash. It is not built-in Word press completely and offers the customers a choice of various options to design one’s own signboard by customization through different motifs, and different materials of different height and width. Our website not only facilitates it but also optimizes it in regard to performance and we deal with SEO too.
  • Case Study-5: Berkeley’s system USA: With Winternational which is a women’s winter clothes trading company. Doing business through different channels, though mainly online, they are into retail and wholesale business. With business being generated online, they invariably require an IT partner to design a beautiful website that is user-friendly and quick performance is guaranteed to run all the time. TechSync offers them what they require and is proud to be associated with them, partnering their growth
  • Case Study-6: Indibala, USA: This Sweden based women’s casual clothes and trading company too does business via various channels. Digital medium is of utmost importance to them as majority of their wholesale business is generated through it. Eager to fulfill their demands and requirements, we at TechSync has designed a user-friendly, beautiful website that ensures optimized performance and continuous running.
  • Case Study-7: Aircel India: Aircel is one of the largest network service provider in India having more than 200,000 users across the country. Our smart software module helps them in controlling the attendance of their employees at their head office
  • Case Study-8: Amul India: Amul is the world’s largest milk union where TechSync has made the visitor entry system for them. The visitors are given an electronic thumb impression on the machine installed near the gate which is then imprinted on the pass issued to the visitor. This is entered in the record to check the visitors who have visited the premises, any time.
  • Case study 9:Ceasefire India: This largest manufacturer of fire extinguishers had a problematic software earlier.TechSync analyzed the existing software framework and rectified the few modules and recoded some to design a new software which is the latest version of their existing ERP, keeping their data intact
  • Case Study-10: DPS India: Delhi Public School is India’s largest chain of schools with 500 branches countrywide. TechSync is proud to be associated with them. We have redesigned and maintained their website and school management modules for their 3 branches in Delhi, India. We are also doing SEO for the school’s website giving them a record 600 admissions in a year!
  • Case Study-11: Fresenius Medical Care, Delhi: Reputed in healthcare since 3 decades, this global leader is #1 in dialysis, innovative research, services and products. Our innovative technologies and treatment concepts help the kidney patients to look forward to the best quality of life possible. With our team focusing on improving strategies and upholding technological innovations, we consistently help in heightening the company’s growth, thereby ensuring services for the entire dialysis chain.

  • Challenges

    Ever on the forefront of technological advancements we face innumerable challenges too. Fresenius Medical Care wanted an application to track the data of the entire country and collect information about machines and products supplied in various hospitals, nursing homes and dialysis centers. We filled the data manually in an excel sheet though not accurate and was manipulated too at times. It had to be centralized and accessible at the head office which was indeed a painful process.

    With challenges like more than 1000 people with different roles needing it to access it simultaneously; quick transaction time; huge data entry manually; survey being done by non-technical people; chances of filling unwanted data and various reports, we designed the right software application to meet the demands. TechSync developed the software which reduces the time of survey data storage. Ours is an internet based secure application where in the entire process was automated. With a centralized data based server, simultaneous 10,000 user handling, quick data storage and retrieval, removing unwanted data entry, option allowing the admin to check the data immediately after every survey, and various sales report that can be compared with that of different years.

    Case Study-12: IT Corp, Kolkata: Dealing in IT hardware and having 4 shops across Kolkata, Varanasi, Nagpur and Noida they did not have a software to record inventory and billing system. With a plod inventory of more than 10,000 batteries, screen RAM and innumerable other items, this importer of IT hardware having over 1000 customers across the country does wholesale and retail business. Their stock needed to be accessed by the proprietor from anywhere via internet to keep track of the inventory while we were asked to implement an application to track the inventory along with tax and retail invoicing.

    With shops at various locations maintaining the entire data at one place was quite tough. With the owner not having any dealership and having to maintain the records of the retail outlets without affecting customer satisfaction, replete with speed and convenience in accessing it was indeed hard. TechSync designed the right app that can be accessed from varied locations, offers fast transaction time, dealers and retailers can access it simultaneously and quick and efficient training of staff was possible.

    Customer satisfaction counts the most to us. With computers, POS printers and DIMS software, we can provide full training on software and we use

    • An internet based secure application
    • A centralized data based server
    • Concurrent billing facility
    • Quick and efficient training
    • Restricted and limited access to prevent the public from accessing and viewing various reports
    • Dealers and customers satisfaction counts the most and with our newly installed system, the products’ availability status and billing can be known instantly.

    Case Study-13: Delta Stationers, Noida: located in the heart of Noida, they have dealership and retail sales of book and stationary. With a range of books offered here from nursery to 12th as well as books for professional courses, they raise around 200 invoices per day. They consulted us and requested to create a centralized billing feature, and inventory management with different user rights and access control while keeping in mind the latency of application. We designed the right software replete with

    • Internet based secure application
    • A centralized data base server
    • Concurrent billing feature
    • Quick and efficient inventory management system
    • Limited and restricted access to bar everyone from viewing the reports
    • Quick and efficient billing wherein they don’t have to wait long to know the availability status of the products and billing. They are fully satisfied with our efforts.