With almost every adult in the family working and having little time to check their wards’ travelling to and from school, School Transport E-alert Programis what is required for the safety of the students. It helps the parents in being updated about the kids using transport systems. In this advanced program, the data is recorded within the provided computer server in school premises and SMSs are generated and transmitted in real time to the parents’ mobile phones on entry and exit of students from the bus.>

Using this efficient and organized way to track the kids’ movements, it helps school transport system too to function superbly as the transport administrator can locate the bus position and monitor kid’s movement real time. STEP helps in school safety audits also by reporting delay in arrival and generate reports for quick access and information. This app can be downloaded easily from TechSync website and ensure optimum safety of the little ones.

It offers information on the late arrival of bus ranging in reasons like traffic jam, flat tire or minor accidents, the alert is sent immediately to the admin and parents awaiting eagerly for their kids. STEP understands the tension parents undergo when they don’t see their kids on time. The latest position of the bus, the places where it picks-up or drops the kids, identifying the Geo-Codes for all stops en route, creating the best route for joining all the stops and generating barcode for each student that can be stuck on the students’ identity card are all possible with STEP.

It connects with IT system of the school for students’ data collection, if required. In step with the developments and requirements of modern world, STEP is database independent and works effectively with MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle. More information regarding this can be collected by calling the TechSync team at +91-987-100-1740, email at or through their Website They ensure that STEP improves operational accuracy, reduces cost, saves time and is simple to operate-user friendly